Hiring Remotely

As a job seeker, we understand you’re stepping out of your comfort zone during these unprecedented times. To put your best foot forward, here’s what you need to know about the remote hiring process.

Multiple interviews are common 

As face-to-face interaction is temporarily missing, recruiters may invest more time into multiple interviews. Don’t be afraid to ask what the process will entail ahead of an interview and it’s well worth familiarising yourself with some of the main platforms - such as Skype, Zoom and BlueJeans. 

Communication is top priority

Having the ability to communicate effectively has always been a critical skill in the workplace, but more than ever hiring managers will be seeking specific examples. Highlight your proactive nature and actively show an interest in integrating into the team. 

The “culture” component will crop up early on

With most people working remotely at the moment, hiring managers will be keen to introduce you to the wider team, remotely of course, to better understand if you mesh well. Stay positive, smile and have some questions at the ready. 

The process may be longer than usual 

With potentially smaller teams processing applications and multiple stages in the hiring process, a final decision may take a little longer than usual. Be patient and don’t be afraid to send a follow-up email to show your enthusiasm if you haven’t had a response in a week or so. 

Remember, it’s a two-way street 

As always, an interview is a give and take process. It could be easy to lose sight of your own voice during the remote hiring process but make sure you reflect on your own needs too. Ask questions that reflect your goals and priorities if they are necessary to you. 

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